Building a range of collaborative online toolkits and open source spaces, including: WordPress for BC at (Mostly built behind the scenes at present.)  Pooling resources and in-kind efforts to install premium themes, plug-ins, arrange for professional system administrators and developers, etc… The power of cloning:   Using the NSCloner Pro plugin will allow us […]

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The Co-Op Model

Co-ops have been part of Canadian higher ed for a long time (UBC bike coop , Laval U bookstore coop   Collaborative sector solution… We can’t do it alone at individual institutions but are looking for a model that would allow have and have not institutions to address challenges common to us all. […]

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Context, please…

More than a decade of reduced public post-secondary funding.   Trend away from local capacity building in education technology teams.   The LMS/VLE becomes dominant entity in terms of budget and approach. Options dwindle, as do ways of fostering thinking about teaching and learning.   Lack of support for open source tools in a context […]

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Meanwhile, in higher education…

Existing Digitally, Audrey Watters If technologies are shifting our industries – and certainly we’re told they are – then how should we, how must we respond – and respond not in the service of “industry needs” but in the service of our own needs. What I often fear is that we don’t really know what […]

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Black boxes

FIPPA • privacy • corporate co-option • net neutrality • DRM • risk • patent system • security •  trolls • openwashing • CISPA • spying • fraud • tracking • hacking • apathy • CALEA • data snooping • LMS/VLE-ification • mass surveillance • Facebook • phishing • spamming • NSA • Gamergate • […]

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