Building a range of collaborative online toolkits and open source spaces, including:

WordPress for BC at (Mostly built behind the scenes at present.)  Pooling resources and in-kind efforts to install premium themes, plug-ins, arrange for professional system administrators and developers, etc…

The power of cloning:


Using the NSCloner Pro plugin will allow us to offer our community pre-themed, pre-configured (and potentially pre-seeded with resources and media) to speed up development time, make life easier for new users, promote collaboration. For instance:

The SPLOT Writer. A generic master site clones to uses at TRU ( and UNBC (

Starter portfolios such and with embedded tutorials and writing prompts.

Online instructional sites such as with quiz tools, etc… via plugins such as LearnDash.

SPLOTPoint – Being used for this presentation. Developed by Alan Levine at


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Mattermost (open source Slack alternative):